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About Me

Who is this guy?

Why I'm In Marketing

I am passionate about creating solutions to complex marketing challenges. In particular, I love discovering the story behind the consumer to help brands connect better with their consumers to increase sales. I love how collaborative marketing is. It’s fun for me to work cross-functionally and pull marketing and branding projects together that help the business and the consumer.   


How do I work?

I’m the type of person who loves a blank whiteboard and discovering consumer insights and testing new strategies. I’m a bit of a rule breaker (in a good way) and try to spend as little time as possible thinking inside the box. Because of this, I’ve always thrived in entrepreneurial environments that don’t accept the status quo and have the autonomy to explore and test new marketing strategies. 

Why should you hire me?
I’m just going to go out on a limb and hope that you are reading this page as a hiring manager with a great position that you need the perfect candidate to fill (…if not it’s a great read none the less).  


Like any other business major, I can analyze data, solve problems, and use Excel like a ninja. While I have great project management, analytical, and collaborative skills as well as solid CPG and start-up experience, a few unique things I bring to work are: 

  1.  A high degree of ownership

  2.  Putting the consumer first 

  3.  Leading with a vision 

  4.  Marketing imagination 

  5.  Thinking strategically

If you’re a hiring manager, click the button to schedule an interview!


Abraham Lincoln
- Leadership -

I admire him for how he unified people with diverse backgrounds and opinions. He readily listened to other points of view and always shared credit for both successes and failures. Because of this and many other qualities, he was a great unifier.  

Ernest shackleton
- Optimism -

I love his story of unyielding optimism, compassion and devotion. He exemplified incredible leadership in his failed Antarctic expedition that overcame disaster at every turn, carefully leading his men home safely though 21 months of Antarctic survival.

Walt Disney
- Vision -

I admire his vision and determination. His “stick-to-it-tivity” made his vision of the future a reality. He pushed the limits of what was possible and helped others catch his enthusiastic vision and achieve more than they thought they could.

Just for Fun

Outside of work I love playing sports, especially racquetball and lacrosse! I really enjoy the outdoors and love to go camping. I also love cycling and recently completed my first century (100 mile) ride in 105° weather (and you can still see my sunburn line).

I love experiencing new places and enjoy getting to know other cultures. I lived in Managua, Nicaragua for 2 years and loved getting to know the people there. I've also traveled to and gotten to know the cultures of Nepal, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Israel, Jordan, Fiji, and Samoa.

I also enjoy volunteering in the community! See more by clicking this link.

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